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"A 21st century blueprint for attaining triumphant self-fulfillment"

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Welcome to this website for seekers of self-mastery and followers of the ground-breaking self-development book Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment. This book has been described as the key self-help book of the 21st century. It's all about finding true happiness and fulfilling your most compelling dreams. Few subjects are as exciting and important as this - and few self-development books are as inspiring as this one! With this book you will connect with powerful inner resources that ignite your enthusiasm, power and personal potential.

How would you benefit from this self-help book?

• Do you ever feel frustrated with life?
• Do you ever wish you had more money, love or happiness?
• Have you ever felt like you were in a rut?
• Do you ever find it hard to improve your lot in life?
• Do you ever feel you are missing out on the best things in life?
• Have you found it hard to achieve a life you'd really enjoy?

If you answered "yes" more than once, then rest assured; now you can change all that, because this sensational field-manual to triumphant living will blast away the boulders in your path and empower you to achieve great things! Amazingly, it even invites you to retain your comfort zone - for this book is your NEW comfort zone. After all, transforming your life with fabulous changes should be more than comfortable; it should be ecstatic shouldn’t it?

Live life to the fullest. It's never too late to start!

I wonder if you can imagine soaring on high, enraptured with clear, passionate vision, fresh hope, increasing self-confidence and powerful new levels of capability. This would feel fantastic, yes? Perhaps you are already beginning to consider that the keys to your future are right here in this book. And they are already tested and refined through extensive participant feedback. You will love it when you discover the sensational power they place in your hands. Increase self-confidence, achieve goals, and develop a winner’s mindset Imagine how it feels to be thoroughly ahead in the card game of life, holding all the aces… How soon would you like to start enjoying this fabulous situation? All great changes start with a single step and now is the ideal time to take this one. To gain possession of this book now may be the wisest step you can possibly imagine! This self-fulfillment handbook will enable you to achieve your innermost dreams with amazing speed. Its self-fulfillment methodology is beyond compare. Think of this book as your self-fulfillment mentor, revealing the most powerful techniques of personal success ever crammed into a single book. Its self-fulfillment secrets, motivational sayings and pearls of wisdom will rocket you to the life of your dreams. No other book on personal fulfillment packs so much punch! This self-fulfillment manual reveals the most effective shortcuts to phenomenal success ever discovered!


"The key 21st century self-fulfillment guide"

Message from the Author

Congratulations on finding this pivotal self-development book. You and I have a great deal in common. We are both interested in the most exciting of subjects: that of worldly success and personal fulfillment! I can glean that you are of above average intelligence, because you have demonstrated the wisdom to invest your time and attention where the payoff is potentially the greatest, namely, this book!

Today, there really is great cause for celebration, because this book contains the keys to a fabulous new chapter in your life; perhaps a better one than you can even imagine. Think of yourself as a gold miner who has just struck the mother lode! The special techniques and insights in this book will inspire you to improve your life in amazing ways, enabling you to actualize dreams and ambitions that you have struggled to make progress towards, and possibly others that hadn’t occurred to you before.

How this book came about

Some years ago I founded the Success Secrets Society to share, explore and develop techniques for self-improvement. With the help of my most gifted and accomplished members, I developed an exclusive home study course to teach the best techniques yet developed during 40+ years of keen interest in self-development methodology. That course proved phenomenally successful - and what you now hold in your hands is a new, and further-improved version of that course, revised and expanded for publication as a book that everyone can understand and practice. Since that time, I have undergone extensive training in psychotherapy which gave me additional insights into the way the mind works and why people often lead such unsatisfactory lives. This is what prompted me to further develop the course and present it as a book, available to everyone who wants to improve his or her life.

Who this book is for

Assuming your aspirations are ethical, this unique and potent program is definitely for YOU! It is ideally suited to people of all ages and both sexes. You can use it to massive advantage in whatever aspect of life you want to excel in: everyday living, business, money-making, entrepreneurship, creativity, academia, sports, social success, you name it.

You have what it takes!

Because you are reading these words now, I already know that you have what it takes to benefit fabulously from this material and achieve incredible heights of success and fulfillment according to your own unique desires. This easy and effective program is the catalyst that will ignite your real potential and transform your circumstances for the better. Perhaps you have some disadvantages that make the achievement of your wishes seem more than a little challenging. However, you have probably noticed that some of the most disadvantaged people alive have achieved phenomenal levels of happiness and fulfillment despite the apparent odds. No matter how bad your present situation, the keys to profound change and phenomenal improvement await you in this book.

Easy reading

Each chapter of this book is a comfortable bite-sized chunk of poignant guidance that should stimulate your thinking about your own situation and mindscape and give you insights about new and better ways to move your life to the next level. Each chapter requires only a short session to read because it contains no waffle, no padding, and no tedious case studies - but it will be a catalyst that will open up phenomenal scope for positive changes in your life.

The ultimate self-help rescue plan

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation" wrote Henry David Thoreau. I hope you are not one of them, but even if you are, this book can truly transform your life when you implement its guidance. Even the first edition of this book did that – and this edition is even more powerful!

Failure, frustration and repeated disappointments can take their toll on one’s well-being. That, in turn, can affect one's relationships and give rise to impressions that one doesn't have what it takes. Before long, people can find themselves in a motivational nose-dive, in desperate need of a rescue plan. This book is the ultimate rescue plan!

Welcome to the ecstatic zone!

Unlike other self-improvement programs, this one does not demand that you kiss your comfort zone goodbye! Pause and imagine for a moment how it will feel to actualize your most compelling personal dreams and ambitions. It feels fantastic, doesn't it? Entering a victorious new life of fresh hope, success and sublime happiness is more than just comfortable; you’ll feel ecstatic! Consider this book not as just your new comfort zone but as your new ECSTATIC ZONE!

This book will be a crucial resource for you in the weeks, months and years ahead. You will notice your life improving even while you are digesting and assimilating the first chapter. You can soon outdo your competition, achieve the dreams you shelved, and impress those who care about you. All you need to do is read, reflect and implement, and success is guaranteed!

As you read this material at your own comfortable pace, with full attention, you may soon begin to notice new feelings of inner peace, hope and ambition kindling within you and this is just a hint of what's in store!

Is self-fulfillment selfish?

No, not necessarily! By being the best you can be, you become a beacon of hope to others. You'll gain the increasing respect and admiration of your loved ones and you'll become a guiding light for those with aspirations comparable to yours - and the world needs good role models! You may notice your happiness increasing as you read this material, and this will positively affect everyone you meet. When you adopt the amazing techniques and insights from this book, you will become a better person in many ways.

So congratulations; you are on the right track now! And NOW is the best time there will ever be, to get these incredibly powerful teachings under your belt so you can be ahead of the game and start living like never before! This book guides you in the direction that is right for YOU, with speed, power and ease hitherto unknown.

Claim your birthright!

Personal fulfillment is surely your birthright. So let's take advantage of the most powerful techniques available to achieve it! This book reveals these techniques. Whether your vision of success is one of material wealth, social success, moral virtue, academic, artistic or scientific genius, or becoming a world-class lover, this book is the polished, golden key that can unlock your ultimate future! As you follow its guidance with full focus and an open mind, the rewards will be incalculable!

The book's four parts

I have organized the chapters of this book into four parts or sections. I recommend completing each section in turn. The four parts are:

Ideally, you should start at the beginning with Part 1, and continue steadily through to the end of Part 4. This will ensure that you have taken in the material in the intended order, for optimal results. If you find that any chapter is definitely not relevant to your own unique situation, then feel free to skip to the next chapter. It is possible that one or more of the ideas in this book may be familiar to you. That's okay because it is important to be reminded of certain key principles and to reconsider them in fresh, new light. Other ideas in this book will be new to you and will expand your aptitudes in fabulous ways. As with most things, practice makes perfect!

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